We offer Big Data Sciences Service driven by proliferation of devices, emerging channels of data creation and consumption. We leverage the latest technologies to aggregate, integrate and validate massive data organizations need to analyze and use the modern statistical methodologies/trend/design/workflow to generate the right insights that accelerate the business value in revenue maximization and increasing operational efficiency.

We have expertise in handling a wide range of technologies across difference industries. We offer Data modelling, Algorithm development, Machine learning, Statistical programming, Text mining, Image research, SEO recommendation, marketing channel analysis and many more...


Web data and Revenue:
We help to build pipelines to link your web data (big data) to your revenue target, which current web analystics tools can't address.

Energy & Utilities:
Smart meters become mainstream. We help to analyze your big data and make your customers capable of accessing information on their utilities online and
build smart models for your customers.



The 'big data' revolution is happening in healthcare industries. We help industry address problems related to variability in healthcare quality and escalating helathcare spend.

Big Data offers a means to understand shoppers via all kinds of digital touch points - from customers web visits, their presence on socail networks to
their online purchases. We make the models predict the likelihood what the next steps of your customers are.